As a child, we all have been fascinated with the idea that ‘Santa’ would visit us on Christmas Eve and give all the good children of the year, gifts. He would fly on his chariot led by reindeers. He would slide down the chimney, if we even had a chimney…

..And then without a noise, he would carefully place a gift near the adorned Christmas tree for all the good children in that house. Moreover, he was expected to know, by sixth sense or something, that what he was giving was what the child wanted.

And then you know, in movies, a young child would creep down their festively decorated stairs, peeking to see if Santa had come. The child would run up to Santa, embrace the jolly man and ask what he had got him/her this Christmas. Santa would probably tell us:

‘It’s a secret…little one.’ with a wink…

He’d continue to tell us to not to open it, go back to bed and open it first thing tomorrow.

Christmas has never stood out to me. It was fictitious and illogical. I have never, ever, ever received a Christmas present in all my life. In a way, I came to hate Christmas. I was angry especially because I never got what I wanted and that Santa was just another character made up by some fool, like a cartoon character on a really good TV show. I felt like I was being played. Kids today should be able to experience life’s pleasures without having the talk at the age of 7, that there really is no Santa and to no longer make fools of themselves anymore at school. But while that reason for me to hate Christmas existed, I now no longer harbour such grudges.

Christmas is most definitely a time for bonding, happiness and reunion. But all those wonderful things are bound to friends and family and the odd stranger. But what about millions of poverty stricken individuals who can barely afford decent clothing or a bottle of water? Are they somewhat excluded from this time of joy? Christmas has become a wealthy celebration; that those without money could not possibly share in the delights of December.

I wonder how many people in the world have thought about those who cannot sit at home near a fire, or in a cosy, safe environment feasting on a platter of foods. How many people have tried to donate or do something about them? Try to change their lives for one day in the year..?

My Christian faith has become a big part of who I am. And, I find it an insult that every December people sing ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’, yet hold no regard to my Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas is in no way a Christian celebration is ever required to be celebrated in the Bible. Let me elaborate…

A few days back, my inquisitive me, typed in ‘What is the significance of Christmas?’ on Google. It was no surprise to find that many of the results were religiously-related. People have claimed that Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day but if you analyse the Bible, where is it ever recorded? There is no solid proof nor evidence that Jesus Christ was born on the 25th of December. In fact, the festivity is rather a pagan tradition passed down from generation to generation, falsely claiming that Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day.

…Unlike Santa Clause, Jesus Christ has dramatically and drastically changed lives all over the world for hundreds of years, without a red hat or a flying chariot, his reindeer or quite eerie, helping elves. Jesus has never demanded anything more than our gratitude. Not even those cookies and glasses of milk that children leave every Christmas Eve before bedtime, which end up being consumed by their father, brother or just another hungry family member, does Jesus demand. Rather this is another way parents can show that Santa exists by eating cookies and drinking milk during the middle of the night when the child is asleep. But for what?

In my recent blog, I said that I wanted to make other peoples’ Christmases a little better, but I am going to do it the realistic way. I believe that Jesus Christ is more real than life itself. He is the reason why you and I live. And whether or not people choose to believe that, I want to continue to advocate my love and gratitude for my Saviour who tells me to give generously.

People may’ve taken this post as an offence or as a joke. Of course, I understand, whether or not you perceive me as a radical, or an attention-seeking blogger, I will know who I am: ‘a child of God.’ Because I know in this Christian life that to please the world I cannot please God, and pleasing the world is just not worth it… by a lot.

In no way am I forcing anyone that you shouldn’t celebrate Christmas the way it is perceived today, but I would rather have you choose. Before I end, I just want to remind you of the millions of people who are not wealthy enough for simple necessities.

Have a Blessed End of Year. God Bless.