“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”

2 Corinthians 5:17

With only six hours and forty minutes left of this year I decided that my last post would express my gratitude to my Wonderful Saviour for his ever-present mercy and grace which has protected me all throughout the year.

But not just this year, fourteen years and counting, all throughout my life He’s been with me. He has protected me, kept me in good health and provided me all the things I know am unworthy of.

So when you look back on the dark days of this year, just remember that many people didn’t have the opportunities and the little things in life which you admittedly tend to disregard. He is reason for your every breath, He loves you even when you reject Him.

I’m not one to participate in New Years’ Resolutions; let’s be honest, people usually tend to break them in a week. But if there’s anything I could suggest to make life more beautiful is to be more loving and caring to people you know and don’t know.

When someone is in need, who needs financial support, offer them all you can. When someone is depressed offer them sympathy and comfort. For there is no reason to be limited when God has blessed us with the ability to offer our concern for others. There is no physical expense to show love.

Jesus Christ shows us that He conquered death, by dying on the Cross for our sins, He gave us a chance that we may live with him in His kingdom and not in Hell where there is no respite but sorrow and gnashing of teeth.

2015 is inevitably going to end, and keeping that in mind just remember that there is a God watching you, protecting and keeping you safe. I know He is there.

See you in 2016!


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