It’s finally time to go back to school. Time to get serious about your studies, embarrass yourself immensely in the gym and start to work towards our friends and family’s expectation in the new school year.

But you know what I really despise about school? They tell you that:

“…you’re supposed to be comfortable at this school, learning is supposed to be fun. We aren’t here for the money, we want to help you and we are going to do all we can to help you succeed in life.”

But why does it all seem to be so artificial every time?

I’m in a new school now. The students are more academically competitive and I’m ready to face all the discouragement and criticism which will inevitably come in my way this year. I’ve faced a lot of tough times in education and I know it should be that way. Because I’m a firm believer that when you want to do something serious, you have to undergo all the burdens of being the subject in that scenario.

Like Holden Caulfield, I hate the ‘phoniness’ of so many today. I remember how he says that watching them being so far from their raw self can ‘make you depressed’ and today on the first day of school I began to re-experience that distaste for all that artificial and fake personality of so many students.

People expect smart kids to be really original and all but that’s the problem with society. Being smart and being wise are two different things. A lot of smart people today just want to help themselves and they’ll abandon anything society tells them to abandon in order to achieve their dream. The aims of a lot of students at these schools are to get into university, do some course that is viewed as honourable in their culture, get a job and spend their lives depending as if money is all that matters.

Ever since I was little I really couldn’t get it through my head why I needed to work so hard..? I thought that I would be more than happy working at a convenience store with $10 an hour pay. And I kept saying that to my family and it was shrugged off until things got serious. But in all truth, between the two lifestyles I’d rather work at the convenience store. I will never sacrifice pure happiness for reputation. Again, your childhood rants are just something your parents let you play around with until time catches up with you. And when it does, we forget that sense of being original.

I feel like growing up is the time when we start taking the steps of conforming to society’s standards and start becoming fake or a certain ‘person’ just to please the crowd for that cash. It’s cliche, but money can’t buy you happiness. And I think that this is what separates the wise from the smart. The wise know that money cannot let them experience the pursuits which make them happy. And instead, they endeavour on their own journey to experience that in a way where they put their passion and soul into something for that prize in the end.

And I’m not calling myself superior over the ‘smart’, I too have had many stumbles in my life and still falter. Who doesn’t? But every-time I think about what really is important, I don’t care about my dignity or what people think of me. I just get really depressed when I see a generation of kids growing up, losing their sense of originality and being want others what them to be.

That’s all; I’m stating my opinion. I guess I wanted to convey this in my ‘THE CATCHER IN THE RYE‘ post but I was probably too overwhelmed to fit it into words.