I was listening to the news headline today in shock. Usually I don’t pay much attention to it since I don’t find it trustworthy. But yesterday after school listening to the radio, this particular issue got my attention as soon as the words ‘dark web‘ were mentioned.

I’m not an expert in the news field. I struggle at keeping updated with the world at present and choose to spend my time on other personal interests. I’m not an expert in information technology either, however I have a very deep interest in conspiracy theories. And yes, I do believe in some of them.

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All I have to say is, the ‘deep web’ and the ‘dark web’ are not places you should be playing on. It is an uncharted place of terrible stories and content that is unheard of on there.

It’s a dangerous place where people do not respect your privacy or your value as a human being. They set prices on us, labelling us. All they care about is making that profit. It’s a complex underground world down there and they won’t view you as an individual. These people who make business with others, know what they’re doing and for someone who is mindlessly playing around in the labyrinth of the ‘deep web’ you may find yourself in a trap.

However, while to others you may just be an object, I want to remind everyone that they are priceless and I just hope that no-one will ever wander off into the dark places under the surface of the Internet. Especially teenagers, who most probably don’t know what they’re getting themselves into. The ‘deep web’ only makes us develop a dangerous addiction, it scares and demoralises ourself as a unique person in the world.

We are priceless. There is no point wasting your precious time on Earth in those places. All I have to say and can say is that God loves us. He didn’t mean for anything like this to happen.

He didn’t want us to have poverty, starvation, war, famine. We chose this ourselves. We couldn’t resist our temptation and now we are in a very insecure world. You think you are safe? You aren’t. And each day, more and more people are leading sinful lives without the knowledge that there is a Saviour above. Hate drives them, revenge fuels them and sadness stimulates them. We should spend our time praying for one another, for God said to love another and forgive your enemies.

The Internet can be a great place for things like social media and all, but the ‘deep web’ is 4000-5000 times larger than the Internet ‘we live on’. And that’s just the estimate. We are on the tip of the iceberg… Once again, Satan is deceiving you.

The Only One who can help you is the Lord Jesus Christ. Trust in Him. For if God is with us, who can be against Us? No-one and nothing.


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