People are always telling me to be positive,

But how can I?

When I know that the reality is…

Millions in poverty,

Millions suffering from depression and rejection,

Millions that have been treated unfairly,




I grew up with a lot of those things,

When I look back,

If someone had reached out to me,

I could never be the person I am today,

I could never understand the reality,

And how blessed I am.

I know now that God put me through all those terrible moments,

In my life,

So that He could give me a passion to help others.

To put others before me,

And to put God above all.

And all I want to do is to help them,


I know that I can’t do everything,

Jesus Christ has already done that.

But I want to do something,

To tell everyone that I care.

And we should care too,

Because we’re all one and the same,

We can’t live without love,

We can’t live without the Lord.


All we really want to do is help ourselves,

When life is good,

We don’t care about others,

And that’s what the world has come to.

We don’t see the hurt,

And the pain that others are going through.

We can’t even imagine it,

Till we see it.

It’s time to help others.

That’s all I want to say,

And somehow,

And I really hope and pray that one day,

That blessed opportunity will arise…

Thank-you Lord, Amen.


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