I’m fourteen now.

Almost fifteen.

And I’m beginning to think,

Think about my life.

How far have I come?

How much happiness have I experienced?

And how much sadness?

What have I learnt?

When I first came to this country,

I was displeased with the life I had,

Feeling somewhat unprivileged.

Yet intrigued.

I longed for a new taste,

A new colour,

A new flavour.

But I continued to savour each and every,

Strange moment of the life I had to be in.

It wasn’t always necessarily good.

But I remember such good times,

That only I could remember.

The beautiful days and the calm nights.

The thunder and the rain,

Followed by cool breezes and shallow puddles.

I remember church and Sunday School.

The good and not-so-nice kids.

And I remember the Sunday lunches.

I’ve only come to fourteen years,

Yet I feel like I’ve seen and felt so much.

I can’t fit it into this poem.

I wonder if you’re reading this and you’re thinking the same thing?

You may not care,


I just have to thank my God for this life,

I’m unworthy of.

And my respect for those before me and,

My utmost respect and reverence for Him.

And his gift.

Amen. Praise the Lord!


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