After school started, I never really had enough time to do the things I wanted to do but today I did. We have had to shift our shopping to Saturday’s along with many other tasks that were scheduled on the same day. Sunday’s were for church and church only. So pretty much, we never really spent our days at home throughout the week, but today we decided we were going to decompress. I got to think about the world. I’m quite a lonely girl, growing up I didn’t really have many friends; when I wanted friends no-one came to me. So my thoughts became my friends, and now when I don’t want friends I’m always criticised because I spend too much time alone and according to society: should socialise more.

Anyway, before I digress let me just get to the point. Today, I watched a video on YouTube that probably forever changed the way I look at life. Here’s the link…please watch it:


I only realise that the rulers of this world blind us of what really is important… and it’s God that is important. We’re brought up believing that getting a job, making some friends and earning money is all that matters. But did God put me here to do that? God doesn’t profit from my success in life. In fact, everything we think is ours is really His. I can’t name one thing in the world that is not His. Don’t be overprotective about your belongings and let us not think that we are superior to others…we are all equal. And we are also so ungrateful of this life…for we’ve all sinned.

I can’t think properly and I’m typing this with a million thoughts running through my mind. I know that I can’t force you to believe the Truth but I believe it and I only have pity for Anaina. I thank the Lord for His Love, Compassion and Grace. I have committed sin after sin yet He Loves me.

“I am ashamed of my scars, forgive me Lord. Have mercy upon the world.”


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