Thinking comes best when we’re driving,

When the music plays,

Thoughts begin to flow,

But they’re not always comforting.

My thoughts have been of late,

Far from comforting.

Often at times,

While we’re driving,

The car speeding down the highway,

I wish that time could just stop.

That there was more to understand,

If we all moved at a slower rate.

I come to new places with a strict mindset,

I want anything but to be there,

I force myself to believe the fact,

That I could never love where I am now.

And strangely,

End up breaking my morals.

But there is more to this,

So much more I know I can discover,

Yet I never reach the core.

However I am scared,

Scared that knowledge will eventually,

Turn against me…as it has before.

Waking up and closing my eyes,

Have been important moments for me,

In the past few days,

And everything that I once believed,

Was impossible is now possible,

I never doubt it anymore.

And somehow,

Thanks be to God,

Amidst all this confusion,

There are hours in the day,

Where I am grateful and happy…

…This is what I live for.


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