Lately, I’ve been watching videos online that speak a lot about the end times. I don’t merely watch it for amusement but rather for a clear perspective on the world. Often we are so consumed with our own lives that we disregard some of signs around us that are much more important than we think they are. In fact, many of these signs end up being the final piece to the puzzle. The sad thing is, we are being withheld from much information and the life many are living makes them completely oblivious to the second coming. Jesus Christ will return to judge all of us and give the righteous their reward in Heaven and the disobedient their punishment in Hell. But how many of us actually know this? How many are anticipating His return and preparing themselves for it? I know we can never be perfect but Jesus came for the sinners, all of us; and when He comes again we must be ready to receive Him.

We often disregard some of the most important things we know. The Word of God directs us on how to live our lives and be faithful to God. No matter how many times you read the Bible, we learn lessons each time we read it over and over again. Everyday as I pray, I ask for forgiveness and mercy because I know that I cannot be perfect in the Lord’s eyes. But just because this perfection is unattainable, it should never mean I should stop trying to live the way the Lord wants me to live.

I’ve found that trying to live a virtuous life is a very rewarding and beautiful life. It helps us to see the world in clarity, to be filled with love,  feel loved and see the beauty in God’s creation. Christians never should never aspire to build up their wealth and riches on materialistic things. Instead, Jesus Christ orders us to live for Him. He is The Way, The Truth and The Life. He loves us and will always love us. When we have Him, we should never have to want anything else…but sadly, our hearts are easily swayed. And even with all that we’ve been given we lust after the desires of the flesh.

It simply amazes me how evil the world really is and has been, and yet the only reason it still exists, the only reason that there is some peace and order is because the Lord loves us. He loves those who love Him and those who reject Him. Even on the Cross, Jesus Christ said:

‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.’

What kind of love is that? Amazing love. He didn’t have to do all this for us. Sometimes just sit and wonder at God’s Love. The beauty in it is that we never really understand why, but we know that it stretches from east to west. Truly, it is amazing love.