As I slept one night, specks of white lights were pervaded throughout the black sheet above…

…I dreamed a magnificent dream.

In the dream, I saw soft dolls sitting up on a green carpet; the features of their painted faces ambivalent.

Two children sat, the glass window above them; their delicate skin absorbing the assortment of colourful pink and green lights,

Shining in unison with the sunlight at its side, sweeping into the room like a silent parade, bringing tidings of warmth and magic.

And at once, the world around was saturated: full of mirth and animation,

So joyous that there was no room to breathe, for if you breathed, you would risk missing out on a magical moment,

No, there was no choice but to breathe…

And so I breathed, and when I awoke it was all but a dream.

However, my skin was tingling with excitement, as I’d travelled to an unknown world before my time and had travelled back to the present,

Oh, could this be true..? And then I sighed, “Perhaps…” and I never knew what to say.

Only the Heaven above, the stars and my mind would ever know my sweet dream, that died away like the colourful lights,

An animated fantasy that confused yet dazzled the delicate core of my once youthful mind.