They shrugged off my questions gaping down into my broken soul; ostracising me to confusion and loneliness,

Shadows became fleeting friends, coming and going, never permanent sources of support,

And the only words that were exchanged between the reticent adolescents; words that were lifeless as a grave,

Some who bought into the lies before their minds couldn’t even comprehend the whole setting before them,

Voices were hushed over melodious phrases drifting across the seas of eloquent rivers of musical notes slurring,

Hands bonded by precious metals, pearls and rare beads, that boasted only illumination yet withheld shame.

Eyes painted finely to resemble the youth of children’s dolls, that retired once their material was in tatters.

Such was the industry of the generations, to intoxicate them with obscene lies that encouraged greed,

That welcomed destruction to rot the core of vulnerable, gullible fish swimming in the deep end of the world,

All seeking for glory and fame, reputation in this hard game that no-one ever needed to play.