Over the years samples of life collected from various places and times are embedded into the storehouses of my memory.

The overwhelming sensation that rapidly approaches before the sudden thrust as a vision passes from the components of the eye into the hollow skull.

Traveling through the sea of crimson blood, reaching the fist-sized organ; balancing the logical between the extraordinary.

The involuntary pondering that follows as a dazed fool stands in utter awe of the process of forced memory.

A strange, yet stupidly amazing image from the seconds ticking by before us, travelling through the pupil, fighting against the rays of radiant light,

Agreeing with the laws embedded into the fifteen year old minds of a classroom full of facts, anatomical structures hung on the white walls of an empty room.

But the blind sensation, as one embraces the embrace of ethereal, life-lasting, eternal memories packed into the complexity of a fist-sized organ.

And still, the wonder and awe of a degenerate will remain, whether writing, reading, speaking or embracing the blind sensations gifted from the heavens above.