Two pebbles lie on my eyelids,

With the weight of these smooth pebbles pressing against the thin layer of skin that protects the egg-like eyeballs,

And my brown pupils whose colours are now burning like flames in the night,

The coffee-brown colours are swimming, swirling around and glistening in the rays of sunlight, pupils dilating.

The lashes of these two big, brown eyes curl up like the edges of a crown,

Royal and magnificent but they carry the same reminder of a troubled soul who fights for peace.

They are not merely the parts of the face, not just a shield to the soul underneath, nor a window to the soul, the gateway to the spirit, the key to the heart, no,

They are the parts of a living, a breathing and dying beast.

Who bats her coffee-brown eyes and sends shudders rippling down the backs of those who look upon her,

Whose lashes do not blink but instead boast their awkwardness that is deeply alluring to the undisturbed mortal,

And kind and gentle one whose devotions lie elsewhere, in another resting place…


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