I had begun to believe that there was no going back into the person that I once was, and the world that she lived in. But today, it was like I had walked into a beautiful painting where I once existed. I’d been downcast, wandering around in this desert where no-one would help me. I slowly felt myself floating, losing balance and gravity. It occurred to me that there was no point in trying so hard to exist in this demanding world.

You only have to stand in the light and face the darkness you were in, to know how dark your past was. Sometimes, I kind of wish that I could be back in that cycle but that could be my mind playing silly tricks on me. But I kind of knew that that was eventually going to happen. Sometimes, the faults in us need to be corrected and sometimes we should grow from them.

Sometimes, we deal with these faults and errors, in the wrong way. Instead of going in one path, our mind confuses the right with the wrong and so we end up reverting back to our original mistakes. But once you learn, you know how to rectify what has been made wrong. I’m happy now. Because even if I make a mistake, I know that I am capable of making that wrong right with the help of my God above.