The future is controlled by the present. So in a way it can be a scary place, if the world around us is slowly falling away, spiralling out of control. But as it always has, the future was designed to surprise us in numerous ways. It is not controlled by one man, one ruler, a king whose power only stretches as far as the extensions in his royal mind. Underneath all the materialistic things that our eyes can see, there is a transparent lining intertwined with all the fibres of existence in a sacred world. Whatever it is, there is no denying its omnipotence and supreme power that transcends all that we know. It does not flaunt its power. It is impossible to relive what was once and what cannot be. We warily look ahead in order to prepare ourselves for the twists and turns that this journey will take us on but our faltering souls will always look away, be distracted, lose focus and then we will be in a place that we cannot go back to. Like moving from a childhood to a teenager, an adult, we must abandon the past in order to move to the future never forgetting that what happened in the past will shape our present being and eventually decide the future that is a void. Somehow, and miraculously, that void will be filled something. It could be an hindrance, a happiness, a confusion or a glimpse back into the past where you discover something that reminds you of the person you chose to be. You are on cycles that the transparent lining controls and stimulates you on. Where it talks to your soul and where you make decisions that at first may seem harmless but gradually, it becomes more apparent how far you had come from the start. There is no point of fighting life, whose existence is merely immortal. It is a complex theory of bias and fact.


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