I didn’t want to leave home this morning,

And I didn’t want to be at home,

Instead, at seven in the morning,

All I wanted was to prowl the streets,

My many selfs had walked, hundreds of times.

However, I had obligations and places that demanded me,

And so, reluctantly, with a heavy heart that I don’t understand even now,

I entered the train that would take me on the long journey.

Everyone looked so deadbeat, like life had been drained from them.

For once, I didn’t want to run away from the place where I was made.

A man and a woman sat in front of me, students with their burly bags hovered clinging onto the handles and bars of the train.

And I just sat, patiently, trying to drown my sadness in a journey, sad that I couldn’t be on the adventure I had abruptly stopped.

If this ever becomes my life, with tears in my eyes, I won’t forget what was once the girl who stared out the car window.

And if everything crumbles, I’ll accept it with a shattered heart, a trembling voice and salty tears.


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