The more and more that I’m learning about the evil world around me, the more and more I’m becoming scared. I’m realising how little time I have left to correct myself. I know that I’m hopeless with the Grace that comes from above and I still feel even more dismayed because others around me will not heed the message that constantly troubles me. Others have laughed at me, scorned and mocked me for my differences, it was so heartbreaking that even I participated in laughing at myself and I never knew that in a matter of months, no days, that so much change could happen. I have to say, I’m uncertain, this uncertainty weighs me down and I feel helpless like someone who is stranded and will never be saved. I feel like death will befall me nonetheless, why won’t the world listen to the truth? Is the lust for money and power so great, I promise you, that the One who made you and me, can offer us so much more. He made us, every bit of us and the beautiful world we dared to destroy by disobeying Him. For this, the fog that clouds my thinking, leaves me downcast and anxious. What am I waiting for? And will I be acceptable? Will I be a worthy follower who will endure all the hardships she is meant to face? I don’t want the answer to be no, I pray that I’ll do whatever it takes to survive my time in this terrible world.



6 thoughts on “THE CHANGE

  1. There is no need to fear evildoers; they do not prosper. Look closely and see that their prosperity is only an illusion. Their evil words and actions are a smokescreen. Our willingness to believe what they’re showing us helps them. So doubt them and pray for strength. Best wishes for the year ahead.

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