There was a girl unlike any other in her generation. She knew from the beginning that she was different and at the start it didn’t matter to her. In a way, being different never was something concerning and no-one ever gave reason for her to be alarmed. It was only until she grew up and saw more of the world around her. She met them all, the bullies roaming the playground, the freaks near the canteen and the girls who boasted of their incomparable beauty. When she found and discovered the plethora of childhood nonsense, she became a fool by believing that this is what she was destined to be. She had so much to look up to and there were so many things that she knew she could never be, but if she stood next to the person she is today, she would’ve laughed because to her, she never imagined that this was the girl she wanted to be. The things she detested before, are what she loves now to keep her full of energy. Of course, it’s not to say, that she is now fully changed. She tries to build bridges between the past and the present, but she never anticipates the future. In a way, the past and the present haven’t changed in that aspect. Both are still ready to do whatever they will do whenever they will do it. She’s confused, and the storm inside of her is powerful but she believes that she can use it for good and not selfish gain even though she believes that she is often confused. She writes meaningless things in the hope that someone will benefit from it.



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