There’s a Carmen sitting alone with a petty treasure she would fight for.

Everyone sees her and judges her for being ever devoted to such useless objects but who would dare to interfere?

There is never a painted smile on Carmen’s doll face, spare a genuine smile she can deliver to the one she always finds happiness to see.

A kind soul, Carmen said, but cruel to the seeker such as I am.

Her eye is only trained on this one person,

Whose overly curious gaze pierces her soul,

Yet, satisfies her loneliness and quenches a blazing fire inside of her.

And Carmen is no stranger to the accusations,

She hears the secretive comments of the bags under her eyes,

The stunning curl of her dark brown lashes that shine in the pale Sun and blaze against the deluge.

Her coffee brown eyes float on a drawn black horizon, the lids of her eyes a sinful tint of brown caused by the waking hours of an early day.

And the smoothness of her coffee skin; a marble floor, framed by the long strands of dry hair reaching down past her back sitting just inches from the seat underneath her.

She has a specific way of appearance.

She is not like the others in any way, it has become more apparent to her as she talks to strangers who assume theories of her unordinary self.

Carmen, knew there was something odd about her from her birth but unlike many girls, she enjoyed this almost alien feeling.

She took several wrong turns, got lost and settled on uncharted waters no-one had visited.

At least, she says, she is not superficial while crushed colours and black juices break the boundaries of sanity. She indulges, a fool, her heart beating faster while her eyes begin to relax.

She can have all the company in the world,

But Carmen will forever be a lonesome soul…

…Searching for a blue gaze in a shadow realm.




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