She sat beside me on the wooden bench, her head tilted to the side till it hovered on the tip of my shoulder like a diamond earring. The side of her angel face now awkwardly balanced on my shoulder. I waited for her to say something avoiding small talk because hellos meant nothing to her. She told me how she had made the biggest mistake of her life. She had fallen in love with a place that she had dreaded to be in. She said that this was the type of love that was stubborn, the one that demanded attention every second of her life. Leaving it was painful, being around it was painful. Unable to understand her struggles, I asked her why she couldn’t just let it go and it didn’t take long for me to feel the warm tears rolling down her cheeks forming a puddle on my dress. She told me I needed to have a place to love that much. But still I didn’t understand her. Carmencita! I didn’t understand you till it was my turn to be Carmen.



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