Before they’d allowed me to accept that it was finally over, everything came to an end. Sadly, I wish there was time for me to know that this was the end. Instead, I feel lost, as if I’m reading the same passage over and over again attempting numerous times to dissect the ambiguous meaning resonating through the pages yet I fail each and every time. All the materialistic symbols and objects that had once been such a prevalent thing are quickly fading away, and I just see grey. I see a grey future, my life is not clear. It is not sure, I am not sure anymore and my heart is heavy. I cannot fully turn the sadness into something tangible that I can manipulate so I commit it to prayer. I commit it to writing where those who bother to read it perhaps will share in my ordeals. And perhaps, there will be a happy day, this sadness has confined me to a prison where there is nothing to do but to be reminded of what I do not have and what I should have to survive. It is so bad that sometimes I think that it may be worse than death for it is somewhat like our souls are being destroyed within our mortal bodies containing our beating hearts…



One thought on “TWENTY SIXTEEN

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