Often the loneliest people will find doubt as some means of comfort. Doubt connects us to others who remind us of our insecurities. We are able to, though only within our minds, reach ‘beings’ and communicate with them through our feelings. However, this is never enough to satisfy the need for real human interaction. If our thoughts could speak for themselves and if anyone would listen to our words, we could say things that no-one thinks of. Our inspiration stems from the innocent, ordinary objects that your own eyes see but never delve any further into their connection with the world around them.

Lonely people suffer confusion, we are alienated sometimes by our own thoughts. But when the time for euphoria begins, there is never a greater sensation. Almost as if we are gliding through the star-lit black sky, looking down on the world below, but it is always…always within our own mind.

The lonely ones are the careless ones. We are hurled to the deep end of the pool and so we fend for ourselves knowing that we owe nothing to no-one. Our loyalty only stretches as far as our compassion which for some is generous and for others as dry as a desert.

The beauty of the lonely ones are that we are the silent few who have the potential to call themselves the greater thinkers of the generation; pondering over the undiscovered creations, inventing concepts and theories that differ from the contemporary solutions adopted today that lack fruitful substance and are as lacklustre as an empty sheet of paper. However, to live it we must suffer it; praising the quotes of our ancestors and asking for guidance from God above.

What we say is sometimes deemed heretical, crazy, obscene…unpopular. But we are without hesitation the lonely ones.