The tragic thing is often the things we anticipate are far from reality. And when we find paradise, which is a temporary relief, it’s rarely satisfying. When I was little, I remember being so happy and just wanting nothing more than to laugh about things. People thought that it was an inappropriate thing for a little girl like me who should’ve been quiet, calm and demure. I couldn’t really care less. I kept on disobeying the behavioural standards but with each opposing blow I was getting weaker. No one ever cared about my talents or understood my concerns. They just reminded me to shut up and concentrate on getting done what was in front of me. And I did. I wondered what it would be like if I just gave in to the enemy. That moment from now is a very big jump. It changed the way I see things forever. The good thing was my originality remained and some humour still existed. So I decided to use these ‘talents’ of mine to make myself happy. That meant I had to work on them so that they were almost perfect. The challenges I face now wouldn’t be bearable for my past self, only the ‘scarred’ me can handle this.


One thought on “OVER THE YEARS

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