Tomorrow is when it will all begin and I will have to decide what to do. However, I’ve decided this time I won’t be extreme and I will definitely not be a coward. I will simply just be the girl who doesn’t care. The huge problem will be not to conform and not to panic I’m sure. What with all the pressures I encounter, I guess I have to be prepared. But there would be no Winter thrill if I didn’t experience the salad of emotions I do on a regular basis. Though for the most part, it truly does pain me and with last year, I had some scars left behind. I learnt something as the Summer sun approached, and it was like I’d never lived before. I just hope that I will learnt to accept true happiness for what it is. I hope that I can stick to one thing, to know purity and not a distorted version of it. To not be afraid of what is terrible and to embrace my hurt. And though this is all a lot, I know it is enough to last me for these dark days because it is only just the beginning.