They never really knew me,

If they thought that I was happy inside,

I was desolate.

And haunted by these images,

Of things that were once real,

In the past.

If they thought that I had plans,

They were wrong,

For I’d nowhere to go,

Nor was I making plans.

In fact, I was doubting life,

And trying to know that I was really alive.

The only times when these feelings were valid,

Was when I was laughing or crying.

Singing and dreaming.

But it’s always hard,

To find that euphoria that for the past year,

I’ve been searching for.

And instead, found a new one.

And now, I’ve been searching for peace.


3 thoughts on “HIEMS

    1. Thank you very much! I read your poem too; it is truly the most important thing to cherish and value the things that we have now instead of desiring the things that can never fully satisfy our thirst for peace and happiness.