It’s time to let it go,

When you try to think about where you,

Came from and are reminded,

Of what you once were,

And you feel that you cannot better yourself.

I don’t need to feel any more highs,

To escape these reoccurring nightmares,

And I don’t need to be daydreaming,

Intoxicated by dreamy visions,

Floating above the clouds of despondency,

Away from the past sorrow,

In a world of ignorance.

I am not going to allow this anymore to be,

Who I am.

Because I’ve seen what doubt can do,

To destroy a soul and a passion,

That is pulled into darkness,

I don’t want to be sinking anymore,

But I fear that I will lose some of the,

Excitement and passion,

This journey is one that I hope will truly,

Mould me into the person I really should’ve,

Been in the past.

But now am given the chance,

Of redemption in the gift I’m living now.


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