I was looking for a place to call home,

The place I’m in now doesn’t count,

Because to the world existing here,

I’ve always been the stranger,

I’ve always been considered an alien.

But I know for myself,

This wouldn’t have been the choices,

I would’ve made for my life,

If it was up to me anyway.

For everyone,

Things work the way they’re meant to,

They’ve been moving in one direction,

But I’ve had to do it the other way around,

And every single turn,

I’ve seen the heartbreak of others,

If not mine in this pool of despair.

One day, I’ll have to see myself,

Escaping this prison.

But for now,

This is just a dream that I’m dreaming a lot,

But I feel like this dream will not pass away.

And no one really knows,

The things I’ve seen to make me seem,

So ungrateful, when I truly acknowledge,

The people who showed how to go about things,

And the things I’ve been inspired about, things I could always experience,

But I only saw them as passing images.