I’m sure now that hurt is everywhere. In one way or another…and though we don’t say anything, I can still see that there is hurt. I’ve heard things I don’t want to hear, and I’ve seen the things I don’t want to see. For many years now, most of the memories I have are plagued with guilt and shame. What’s worse than those that I’ve seen around me who are doing the things I wish they didn’t, are the ones who’ve turned a blind eye to all this pain. And while we are so young, it seems excessive and stupid that the decisions we are making are so casually a part of our lives. It seems that ever since youth, we are fighting too hard for our freedom, and still we never receive it. I remember those who told me the things they did when I was little, how they neglected me when they knew that I needed their help. I know that this life, it wasn’t some curse, and though it’s hard to see it as a blessing I have to know for sure what it is I’m doing and why I am doing it. Strangely, to all this chaos, I cannot simply relate. I guess it’s because I’ve never been a part of anything. I’ve never belonged enough to understand. But this time, unlike last time and the times before, I’ve found something I don’t want to lose. It’s the hope that what I’ve heard, seen; the tiny whispers following me around like ghosts will dissipate. The world is a cruel place, I know that too well, but now I know… good always prevails over evil.