I can’t help it,

That the days pass,

That my years grow,

All that I say is that,

I wish one happy moment,

Could live eternally,

With me despite so many,

That I may have had,

Surrounded by a plethora,

Of bad ones like black clouds.

It may seem sad,

A tale that should be told,

But never experienced,

But it’s a reality,

I’ve borne over the years,

Which is why I say,

I cannot stop,

The progression of time,

As it ages me and makes me,

Wiser, stronger in the midst,

Of utter chaos.


4 thoughts on “CLOUDS

  1. A very beautiful poem. The last lines give the readers courage and leave them with enthusiasm and positivity. We cannot stop the darkness in our lives but can stand firm to face them with courage and happiness. 🙂