I’d like to think that for a while, everything is as it should be and we don’t need to change. But then, as time moves on, I see temptation working its way into our hearts leading to corruption of the heart and injustice.  And amidst the crowd, I feel lonely standing by myself, walking to destinations that I never intend to go to. I’ve forgotten some golden memories, I’ve forgotten that spark the world once had, because I see this life in grey. I’m scared to see more than what I can already see, I’m scared to be blown away when that splendid Summer comes. When the flowers begin blooming in those serene Spring months, my heart is joyous as I envision the Sun shining down on me from the blue, blue sky. I’d forget my sins, transgressions and worries. I’d kneel down, hands folded and eyes closed as I’d ask God to show me the beauty of the world, not just what we all see but what few can see: what comes from within.


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