My mother and father,

They’re not too pleased,

Saying I spend too much time,

Typing, typing on my phone,

And if it’s not that, they say,

Those earphones of yours,

Have never left your side.

So this is what you want?

To enjoy life, but I protest!

No! I am merely,

Escaping this prison dream,

This nightmare you see,

Will you see…come! I will show you,

I’m no liar, no thief am I,

My heart is good, intentions pure,

But I fail to show it to you,

So you attack me so,

But if you will spare some of your time,

To look into my soul,

And see for yourself,

It’s all true, what I say…

But they refused and so I said,

How can I prove that my guilt,

Is only but a figment of your imagination?


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