When this ends I have nowhere to go,

And when I say that you never understand.

You don’t see because you’re in comfort,

And because you have what I don’t,

You only wonder why I can’t be like you.

And it’s so clear to see that you,

Care nothing for my basic needs,

For the emotions that I’m supposed to feel,

Instead I’m worrying over you worrying over,

What I want with what I have.

And it’s because my mind is so far gone,

Into places I cannot get out of,

No matter, you say, it will all be fine in the end.

You weren’t there at the beginning,

You won’t be here to see it all end in flames.


9 thoughts on “FLAMES

  1. “Even if the world ignites into flames
    You’ll be right here by my side
    And as it burns away
    You smile at me and say that
    “Not even death could take me away from you” -in this moment “world in flames”