There are things within me,

That I’m so ashamed to think about,

They make me feel scared to the,

Point of utter madness, because,

I know that if I did what I did then,

Today, I would be condemned by these,

Quick-to-judge eyes of those around me,

And I know, it was bad of me to do that,

But now I’m better than I was,

And I intend no harm to hurt to any other,

Soul around me, and instead plead for grace.

Why is it that these ghosts within my mind,

Torment me so, tearing away my soul,

I’m ready to give up my life. For,

Living in this life, waking up without any hope,

Is the greatest burden I’ve borne,

But I have to see a light in this room of darkness,

Even when those around me break me more and more.

Sometimes it takes more than me,

More than the strength that I can conjure,

To sustain, for me to be truly free,

I cry day after day and night after night,

I need the Grace of God.

I know that He will come to me,

When I least expect, and so the question,

Remains once more…

For me to be the greatest I can,

Whilst all alone in the world,

Will I survive the battle to the end?


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