I don’t see what I’m doing this for anymore,

‘Cause I thought that it was honour,

Not pride that drove me, not fear,

But ambition, the things that kept me,

Going straight in a path that obscured,

All the things I could see in the real world,

The years went by in a blur,

I was blinded and scared.

I wanted adventure, I wanted change,

And when none of those things came,

I wanted someone or some place,

To listen to my thoughts and save me,

From this madness that is suffocating me.

And even now as I see the excess of lives,

Their lifestyles scare me, because I see,

The end in it all, for once we reach,

The height of ignorance, it is time for,

The end to draw near. Does it scare me?

But no! I feel like it’ll save me,

For being alive in a world like this,

Is more painful than dying.