After you dig back into my past,

Present your findings.

And tell me, if I should be at fault,

You already know, the truth is,

That I have already asked for forgiveness.

So please, I beg of you, smile, don’t let me,

Cry. I’m dying already, and I’m ready,

To give up everything to see those,

White lights up, up high.

I’m not scared to die anymore.

I want it more than anything now…

To be set free from the bondage of regret.

But don’t deny, my hurt, don’t forget,

The sorrow I’ve gone through, leading me,

To the mistakes made, amoral and foolish.

You’d be the better person if you could,

Show me forgiveness and I know I would,

If you and I were in different positions.

And now that I try to live a better life,

Don’t remind me of my past, don’t be,

The ghosts in my mind, I’m not afraid.

Not any longer anymore.


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