And the God of love and peace will be with you.” 2 Corinthians 13:11

Hello everyone,

This year’s new series will be titled Sixteen Stories High to celebrate the sixteen years I’ve been blessed with in this beautiful world that GOD gave to us. It is not a series centred on myself, but the people around me; the beautiful people who inhabit this Earth. It’s a story of the lessons I’ve learnt, about learning to love one another, being kind to your brother and sister. And most of all, in my opinion, the essence of this series is about the power of redemption!

It is a portrayal of growth and maturity; showing strength when all around you is crumbling away. It’s being brave even when you know things will go wrong and having the courage to admit that things aren’t right in external or internal matters. It isn’t a story to glorify myself, but to say that I survived and was able to come out of the darkness in my life through prayer, kindness and transformation that comes from GOD above!

Of course, I’m very much tempted to submit the posts right now, but since my goals are to avoid any confusion due to the series’ sixteen instalments, I will post a reminder shortly to notify you all about the starting date for this series.

I hope that you all will enjoy this 2017 series to remember the year we had and most of all, thank GOD who saves us from our troubles. GOD BLESS!


Photo Credits 

Cityscape New York City Brooklyn Bridge abstract urban paintings fine art paintings by Debra Hurd