These depraved souls that sit on these carriages. On the outside, to any outsider, they look fine and perfect. But inside, well if you could see what was going on in the depths of their minds, you’d know that nothing is what it seems. And it may happen to be the case with me, but we wallow in that sadness because we’re cursed with shame and regret. Through the sunny, rainy, windy and chilly days, our gazes stay the same. Hollow, sunken eyes, staring out into the windows of places seen a hundred times. And it’s so clear to see that we’re all looking for revival. For a spark of energy to burst through and ignite us. Like a flame, let it be lit, and burn away all this shame. All of this regret. In the days when the Sun sets at that fifth hour reaching sixth, we rush to the comforts of our home so that the Moon will not haunt us on the lonely carriages of these tracks. I’m wondering why I didn’t do it properly, why did I condemn myself to such horror and pain? Thinking it would make me stronger. I just wish, that I could repeat it all over again. But it’d be an unfair gain on my part. And from what I’ve learnt, I don’t regret anymore…



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