I dreaded to be here,

It’s a place of shame but also one,

Where for once in my life I felt free,

I once thought I could make a life here,

I dreamed it, and only by a harsh No,

It came crashing down like a building.

Many times this place reminded me,

Of things that just couldn’t be,

My fantasies that had boundaries,

Within my mind, and never could be lived,

The way I intended it,

But now that I’m here,

And though I pleaded no before,

I see some beauty seeping through,

What lies in front of me.

I feel that maybe I’m not meant to leave,

But I also am scared this might be,

Another dream that I’ll never give life to,

For once though, with strength I can say,

It really doesn’t matter,

As long as it was lived.


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