It’s too bad that I can’t be where I want to be in my life at this time,

Almost as if I’ve come to a crossroad, a fork in the road,

And I’ve come to the decision,

That I want to take both roads.

And truthfully, I know where each one leads,

And I know what it asks of me in order for me to get through,

And though each path is a perilous ordeal,

I can’t deny the person I’ve become, able to change for those whom I love,

I’m thankful for rays of life shining down on me,

Letting me know I’m not dead, nor insane, not a mad fool,

And even in the beauty of the night where I accept these words,

Across the sky I can’t forget the words, the faces of those who raised me,

I had a glorious time that I thought I’d lost forever,

Blinded like Oedipus, thinking that it was my fate to suffer for my sins,

I forgot about redemption, about love,

Writing these words, I know I’m a silly fool,

But these words are truth and no more powerful than I intend them to be,

And I’ll fight for that, with a beating heart and breathing soul,

Trying to understand why and who I am,

I need to, I’ll learn love, and learn to be the love that I lack.