I was doing things I never knew I could do,

Waking up before light came through,

Fast asleep as golden beams rose,

Killing sensations of hunger and fatigue,

For pursuits of higher importance and cash bills I’d work for,

Travelling with no cleanse or respite of my mind,

Under sweltering heats and shivering winds,

Humidity would be peaceful against the extremity of the two weather worlds,

And then I was alone in my own world,

To have to escape the feeling of having my soul being torn away and feasted on,

Some sort of invisible figures of malice,

Targeting me and I thought they understood…

Victim of sadness and despair,

It was hopeless. Everybody saw it,

But no one could help me, save me,

Pain that I thrived on for feeling alive,

Became routine that broke my sense of morality and I let it destroy me.

I thrived off of it. The truth will all have to come out now.