I could go back to that year,

Where I didn’t know anything,

And your identity meant nothing to me,

As it does now, that I feel scared to say,

Your presence frightens me,

But I long to be around it,

You offer comfort that I dream of,

Instead of the loneliness I feel,

Away from you, far away,

But this is all in my head and I can tell,

That to you, it’s nothing,

For I long to know your thoughts,

And whenever I’m around,

I wish I were seen and acknowledged,

But it’s fine when these feelings fade away,

As I promised they would,

That first year, you were never there,

For we had not known each other,

But things have changed,

And I have too, I hope this you know,

Though the truth of the matter is,

You don’t even know what is going on,

That what you become may surprise you,

As it has for me.