Not afraid to write your name in air,

Not afraid to say that I care,

Even when you never did, never have and never will.

Can never reach that high you’re on. And oh my it’s so high,

It dazzles me how you never need to try,

A part of me says I’m scared I’ll never make it through to the sky,

That voice speaking on a regular tells me, Sigh.

But I really want to not care,

Trying hard to make it my own way.

Can I try again and reverse what I lost,

Or find something new and lasting,

Something fresh, make me live again.

You cannot imagine what it’s like to be me,

Dead and sad, a vicious cycle,

Over and over and over again, these sadistic wheels turning,

Like that ball you spin around your hands.

And the time it takes for you to lose it,

Is how easy it is for me to lose myself.