I lost everything, willingly,

People will ask why I behaved this way, 

But I don’t regret it.

I loved what I lived even though, 

It died, and I fought for it to stay, 

Deep down I just knew it wouldn’t. 

I can’t say that I’m in touch, 

With that deep part of me, 

So long I was running away from it, 

And now I just can’t feel it anymore, 

I’m trying, but I don’t know what I’m trying, 

One thing’s for sure though, I’m dying, 

And with every passing second I feel it, 

When I acknowledge it I don’t experience, 

The sadness I thought I would, 

Just comfort, and it’s amazing. 

I wish I could cry more when I know,

The truth of how lonely I am, 

No one in this world who understands,

What I want, for one day I’d die for, 

To be happy, and end it there.


4 thoughts on “LOST EVERYTHING

  1. You had me at the first line – “I lost everything, willingly.” – something I can totally relate to – this poem is beautifully written with real emotions….Thank you for sharing.