I made promises, that I broke, 

And I said to myself to do it again, 

From the very top, go back to the start. 

It hurt bad enough already, 

The shame I felt for feeling like a traitor, 

I’m flawed, tainted; it’s my shame, my sin. 

But I’m begging at no one’s feet, 

I’m not allowing myself to believe, 

That it was all my fault alone, 

On a screen I was alone, and only but a madman, 

Yes, I said it, you accuse a madman. 

These words, I only speak them, 

Longing to feel them; it’s solace to speak.

What you will think is mere nonsense, 

But it seems to make the most sense, 

That I’ve ever felt in all my life, 

In all of my unbearable ordeals, struggles, 

Tears I never wept are pouring down now, 

And it’s that glorious, unforgettable, delightful melody of my hilarious, depressing, erratic indecision and my never-ending, eternal madness playing, playing on in my mind.