Je suis une écrivaine.

Je ne vais pas écrire arrêter,

Et mes photos,

Ils seront avec moi pour toujours,

Mourant dans ma mémoire.

Un million de gemmes,

Enterré à côté de moi.

Pas d’or, pas d’argent,

Pas de la monnaie, pas de gloire.

Mais quoi j’avais dans cette vie,

Pas tant, mais tout, 

C’est de prix prêt à mourrir pour.


I am a writer,

I won’t stop writing,

And my pictures,

They’ll be with me forever,

Dying in my memory.

A million gems,

Buried beside me.

No gold, no silver,

No money, no fame.

But what I got in this life,

Not much, but everything,

It is worth dying for.

This is the first poem I’ve written fully in French by myself, so please excuse me if I’ve made any grammatical mistakes, especially for those already who know how to read and write French. Although I have studied French for a couple of years, I’m sure there are a couple of mistakes which is why I’ve included the original poem in English and I’d appreciate it if you wish to suggest an edit in the French translation section. Excuse the lengthy side-note, once again, hope you enjoyed it. Blessings!