When you and I talk, 

When we begin to say those first few words, 

We both can get carried away but we simply don’t care, 

Because to us, it’s fine, it’s okay when the person staring back shares the same insanity.

And you and I both acknowledge our inside jokes with elegance and style despite the draining effect of the day, 

Our little rants, our long talks, embedded with our little phrases, eliciting laughter and joy,

Conversations that carry on for hours, 

Never truly seem to make us lose interest, 

And I know you’re a friend I can trust. 

Before, I knew this world around, outside,

I didn’t know I could ever dare to say something like that, a word I dreamed of.

That I trusted you, that you were a friend.  

That you were more than a friend, my ally. 


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