Tomorrow is the test,

And I prayed so hard, three years ago,

That I would never have to repeat this,

For the pain ate me up inside,

But a year after that,

I experienced some bliss,

That I’ve never known before, and what I did, my worst mistake,

Probably something that when the time comes, I’ll regret that I ever did,

Was to throw it away, like some toy,

I had a fountain of jewels but I threw it away to see if it would come back to me,

I thought it was clinging to me, how wrong I was to discover I was clinging to it.

And when it didn’t, I knew I’d lost it, so I cried like a little child,

And now I feel things may be repeating themselves over, the past, in this present,

But some lessons you just don’t want to learn again,

So forgive me, Dear Lord, for forgetting, for being flawed, for throwing away the one time in my life that I felt free.