June 16. 

4:43 PM. 

I took the most beautiful photo. 

And it reminds me of you. 

It is enough to see the reflections of the train carriage, 

A fence of orange rectangles bouncing again the powdery blue sky,

To take me back to the hours before when I first met you, 

And I can only ponder, thinking, 

What was your first impression?

Somedays it feels like I’m so close to knowing, maybe meeting,

But I forget, you’re you, and I’m me, 

Things become distant when I arrive at the conclusion, 

For though it is the truth, 

Chasing after lost dreams has always been my weakness. 

It will almost be a year since that destined stare we shared,

And I am not ashamed, 

For though life is embedded with mysteries we all know of, 

I have always wanted to intertwine my being with my dreaming.