People like me, we are born to break, 

We can only start again, until every last piece, 

That formed in those miserable Sunless days, 

Burn away, under fire.

To be made new, to shine and shimmer, 

To know the truth, and glimmer, 

Like a million, sparkling stars, 

We too, can fly, when in the twilight hours, 

We witness hope arriving like a prayer that we’ve asked over and over again with tears, 

And this is the beginning and end, 

The transition from one page to the next, 

And we can start again, to live in the euphoria of our dreams, 

And whisper our goodbyes as they shatter into a million glassy shards, 

As they drift away on the shores of loneliness, that we spend our lives rowing through, 

Searching for a new story, a new hope, a new beauty, a new song to sing to the end of world.