The least I could say is, thanks,  

But really, I ought to say more but I’ve been afraid that the truth would startle you,

You and I are not always used to such candidness; I never had a friend before who was genuine,

And over time learnt that you had carried the same burdens and sorrows from the past I’d carried too like so many unopened boxes.

One of the first few people that I found true kindness in, 

And I’d never expected you to speak to me and perhaps you didn’t either, 

But before the last specks crash to the bottom of this hourglass of our youth, 

These golden days, will remind us, that it is not often we’re reminded of the good times, 

When so much around seems bad, good souls like you, who are pure-hearted and wonderfully amazing in all your brilliant capacity,

Remind me to trust and hope in tomorrow,

Because often, I am lost and desolate, 

But talking to you, takes away the pain and leaves my mind at rest when I’m reminded that it is enough to know that I’m not as alone as the world tells me.